BDMDC Is a hobbyist Club, we do not operate as a business. We have proudly been detecting for over 40 years in Essex and surrounding counties and have good relationships with many farmers who are happy for us to explore their land.

We hold monthly meetings and weekly digs as well as offering a free recovery service for lost items to members of the public with many successes.

We are happy to pay landowners for the privilege of detecting their land, regularly handing over between £200 to £500+ depending on acreage for a days detecting. We follow the correct procedures for reporting finds and have agreements in place in the event of something of value being found. The landowner receives an email report with photographs after each dig. All of our members have public liability insurance which is a requirement of being a member of the club.

Detecting is an amazingly simple way to raise money for charities and over the years we have helped raise many thousands.  Helen Rollason Cancer Charity, Royal British Legion, Barrow Farm RDA, St Giles Church, Hopefield Animal Sanctuary and St Clare Hospice are just some which have benefited. Give us a field and we will make money for a charity!