We had a desperate plea sent to the club from a young guy who had lost his wedding ring in the river Chelmer at Ulting.
Mark and I met the couple there yesterday so we knew the spot but had no luck after an hour and felt we needed a better underwater detector so we contacted John Auld.

We came back here today and Mark used John’s detector and happy days, one ring! 🙂 Mark and I were finally able to hand over the ring to the young couple who lost it in the River Chelmer.

It turned out to have been given to him by her parents and has been handed down through many generations of her family, they hadn’t told her parents that he had lost it.

They were over the moon as it is their first wedding anniversary tomorrow.


Another lovely message and photograph from the couple who lost his wedding ring in the Chelmer:

Just wanted to say again how thankful and happy we are to have Luke’s ring back! Have just regaled my parents with the story and they are equally relieved and so grateful to have a family heirloom back!