The Club had an unusual request via the website, from a landowner who would soon be moving out of a house which dated back to 1744.

He asked if his 3 acres of land could be detected, to discover if there was any history in the ground.

So today, Noreen Linale, John Reed and myself met up at the site just North of Brentwood and started searching the back garden and the wooded areas and ditches on either side.
It was quite a daunting sight considering the size of the plot.

An additional field, off to one side of the garden, has had nothing done to it in the 30 years the landowner has lived in the house. Totally wild and undetectable, the only passable tracks through it made by foxes, deer and badgers. Evidence of their activities everywhere.

A few old coppers, some decimal coins, a childs ring with red glass stone, part of an earring and a silver brooch missing its pin. The brooch may be Victorian or Edwardian. The buckle looks Georgian in style and could be the oldest artefact which dates to the time of the house.

We didn’t find any treasure but we had fun looking.