Ray Spinks (Membership Secretary)

I started metal detecting in the 1970's whilst in my 30's, I was introduced to the hobby by a family friend and having already had a strong interest in history I decided to purchase my first metal detector.

I soon began to amass a vast collection of coins and artefacts from Roman Times to the present day. My all-time favourite discovery is a very chunky 3rd Century bronze Roman Key. I love this find and get great joy from showing it to those that are interested.

I really like the Saxon Period from which some beautiful coins and artefacts have been discovered, but not by me regrettably! To find something from this period is at the top of my want list and I'm sure patience and perseverance will pay off one day.

My involvement with The Brentwood and District Metal Detecting Club goes back more years than I can remember. I am presently The Membership Secretary and enjoy meeting prospective new members at each meeting and taking their subscription money off of them!

My present metal detector is a Minelab Explorer II which I think I have mastered having been using it for some years now.