Ray Hunter (Club Raffle Organiser)

I have always had a strong interest in archaeology. Shortly after moving to Harlow back in the 1970's, friends of mine asked me to help them on an archaeological dig. This fuelled my interest in archaeology and led to the purchase of my first metal detector which I used on local farmland with the landowners permission.

I presently use an XP Adventis 2, however my favourite detector has been a Whites DFX which I miss!

What I consider to be my best discovery is a lovely socketed Bronze Age axe head. Like most metal detector users I have things that I would like to find however, at the top of this would be a complete spoon with a Tudor Rose design from the time of Henry VIII.

I have been a member of The Brentwood and District Metal Detecting Club for donkeys years and thoroughly enjoy being part of what is a really friendly club.

I like to heckle the committee members who take this heckling in the spirit that it is meant! I assist the committee by purchasing the raffle prizes for each meeting, mainly beer and wine which seems to go down very well!! At the meetings I'm in charge of raffle ticket sales, the proceeds from which are ploughed back in to the club funds.