Paul Makes a New Friend

My new friend

I had four hours detecting yesterday out in the fields at my own permission, the field that I decided to have a look on was occupied by three horses one of which was a young foal.

The horses seemed to be very interested in what I was doing, as I started to detect the field the young foal followed by the two adult horses started to head my way.

As they got closer the young foal seemed very nervous of me and would twitch and jump every time I moved but the two adult horses just stood calmly watching me.

After about 20 minutes or so of watching and following me the young foal walked right close up to me as I was digging my target, I looked up and put out my hand to stroke the young foal on the nose but the foal jumped and backed off again.

Gradually the foal got braver and again came up close with the two adult horses standing either side, I put out my hand again and the young foal nosed my hand and then allowed me to stroke her and scratch under her chin and I stood talking and stroking the young foal for a few minutes then I continued on with digging the target which turned out to be a victorian penny lol.

I filled in the hole and then moved on looking for my next target, as I walked I could feel gentle nudge on my back and I looked round and there were the two horses and the young foal right up close and still following me.

I gave the foal another stroke on the nose and patted the side of her neck then I turned and carried on with my detecting, as I took a few more steps I got another target signal so I stopped walking and started to dig and suddenly I felt a gentle nudge on the top of my left shoulder then my back, I carried on digging then the the young foal actually rested her chin on top of my right shoulder as if to give me a cuddle and all the nervousness that the young foal had when we first met a few minutes earlier had completely vanished and I had got a new best friend and from then on I had very close company and spent more time talking and petting the horses than I did detecting.

Needless to say I never found much in the four hours in the field apart from finding a new four legged friend.