Lost wedding ring found

Two of our members find someones wedding ring

Noreen and I went to North London today to hunt for a lost wedding ring. Somebody contacted our website to ask for help, they had even bought a cheap metal detector and had spent a day hunting for it but didnt find it.

But guess what, Noreen did EYES ONLY and nowhere near where they thought they lost it. His wife just couldnt believe it as you can see from the photos.

Karen and Noreen

The thank you note

Hi Karen,

Thank you so very much to you and your friend for finding my wedding ring, we are both extremely grateful.

We had really given up hope of ever finding it, especially as I had tried myself and in a whole day only detected a few old nails (and most of the time my own trowel) and were amazed that you managed to find it.

Although its not exactly treasure trove, its sentimental value to us was priceless.

Thanks again

Graham & Sabine